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Waste Management: Trash Management Services

The art of waste management has radically evolved over the past 5 years. It used to be a simple business that waste management firms tried to make complex. Now days it is a very complex business that Lincoln Waste Solutions will make easier for you.

The most critical factor for a healthy waste management relationship is you have to feel that you are involved in a partnership. That means:

1.) Your Invoices have to be 100% understandable.
2.) You have to believe that your partner is committed to you.
3.) There can never be financial implications that benefit only one partner.
4.) Every transaction needs to be 100% transparent.

Unfortunately in today's marketplace more and more waste management vendors do not adhere to these rules and they bid so low on jobs that they are unable to make a profit...unless they begin to "run it up" on the client. By this, I mean, add extraneous fees so as to recoup their losses.

At Lincoln Waste Solutions, we manage your waste as a partnership. We will never charge you extra fees, we will never pad your bill with new services that were not in your original contract and we will never increase your bill without giving you an explanation as to why. The only time you will see an increase in you bill is if you have an increase in the amount of trash going out the door.

The waste management partnership has to include trusting us when you have not only a new waste stream but a potential new revenue stream. Waste vegetable oil is a great example. Many of our clients have found that we can not only effectively get rid of their FOG but we do so at a profit for them. The yellow grease market has exploded over the past three years and profits continue to rise. We could have just removed the grease and clients would have been happy. However, since we are 100% transparent, it was a perfect example of how our waste management model works as we were able to not only make money for our clients but we always show our clients the actual invoices from the grease companies so they can see exactly what the marketplace is paying.

Proper waste management benefits all parties included; the haulers, the recyclers, the landfill operators the clients and us. None of the aforementioned parties should be taking advantage of any of the other parties, nor shortchanging them, nor overcharging them whenever they feel the need to make a little more money.


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