We guarantee we'll save you a minimum of 10% over what you spent on waste last year . . . & we'll put that in writing.

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Over 96% of our service calls are resolved within an hour by your own Personal Account Manager!

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Why Choose Lincoln Waste Management Solutions

Significant Savings in Trash Removal

We save most of our clients between 10% and 15% of their current waste removal cost. This usually adds tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Easy to Implement

Just call your accounts payable department and ask them to submit to us your last month's waste removal invoices from a sample of your locations. That's it!

No Cost, No Obligation

We will analyze your current waste invoices and submit a no cost, no obligation proposal with guaranteed waste removal savings of at least 10%.

Mutual Benefit

We share those savings with you on a 50 / 50 basis. The more we save, the more we both benefit.

National Presence

Lincoln Waste Solutions has a national presence and can service any type of business at any location in the USA or Canada.

Eliminate "Evergreen" Contracts

Most haulers have contracts that renew automatically irrespective of their merit or competitiveness. Our contracts have a defined term - we know we have to perform to keep your business.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager to handle the day to day management of waste removal at all your sites saving time, money and lots of aggravation. You will no longer need to contact multiple account managers at multiple haulers, in multiple locations, with multiple pricing on multiple dumpsters.

Customer Service

All your locations will have a toll free number to call and 24 hour access. Any issue that may arrise will almost certainly be resolved within the hour.

Consolidate Waste Billing: 1 Invoice - 1 Check

We manage every aspect of your waste removal business. You get one bill, cut one check and we pay all the haulers within 10 business days. This saves you additional time and money. Your money is never comingled and is used only to pay your haulers and always within 30 days. The haulers like that, which keeps us at the top of the list if there is a problem, it is resolved in a timely manner.

Right Sizing

We eliminate all oversized dumpsters as they increase your expense without any real improvement in service.

Recycling: Implementation of Green Policies

Wherever possible we will recycle to cut costs and increase savings. Whatever industry you are in Lincoln Waste Solutions will implement the right recycling program to meet your needs. Recycling varies across the country as to what is collected and how it is collected and Lincoln Waste Solutions is always current on what needs to be recycled, what can be repurposed and what will go out to the trash haulers.

Full Disclosure

Our contract will list any fees that may be charged to your account so that there are "No Nasty Surprises". In addition, if either increased waste disposal charges or fuel surcharges are levied, we will only pass these costs on with written proof of their legitimacy.


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