We guarantee we'll save you a minimum of 10% over what you spent on waste last year . . . & we'll put that in writing.

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Over 96% of our service calls are resolved within an hour by your own Personal Account Manager!

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Trash Management Services: Vendor Partnership

Our Vendor Partnership Program works like this:

  • First we do a Waste Audit - We assess your current needs to identify opportunities to reduce costs. More often than not, our new clients find they have been billed for too many pick-ups or over sized dumpsters they do not need.
  • Next is a Contract Re-Negotiation - We are going to put your trash requirements out to bid with haulers we work with every day. We know what they should charge and we know what is considered great trash management service so we will make sure you get the best service at a great price for both of us.
  • Service Implementation - We ensure a smooth transition into our Vendor Partnership program. Within 30 days we will have your new program in place, and you will not notice the change. We have transitioned customers with thousands of locations and always been up and running within 30 days.
  • You will be assigned an Account Manager and you may never speak with a hauler again. Your waste management account manager handles every issue from placement to pick-up to problems.
  • Proactive Management - As of 2010, 95.7% of our waste management customer service calls were resolved within one hour. Customer Service is open 24/7/365.
  • Consolidated Billing - We are going to create one bill, representing all your locations, thus saving your accounting department time and money.
  • Open Access to your Savings - Each month we are going to send you a summary of how much we saved you. We are partners. To that end, we will provide you with open access to your invoices. Let us know what invoices you want to see and then you can access the invoices through your our on-line portal or we can send you a spreadsheet.

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