Founding Principles

Lincoln Waste Solutions was founded by Ron Sedergren and Nick Zoccoli in Hartford, CT in 2005.  These two industry veterans saw the need for honesty and integrity in an industry that is traditionally known for taking advantage of the Customer’s lack of knowledge, or lack of attention to waste and recycling services and costs.  They saw how frequently businesses were being charged 2x or 3x the market rate for services, as well as being charged for a lot more service than they actually needed.  They also saw how frequently hauler invoices were inaccurate… charging more than the contracted rate, etc.  They knew that businesses needed an advocate on their side with honesty and integrity, to deal with waste haulers from a position of knowledge and strength.  To represent their belief and commitment to honesty and integrity, they decided to name the company after a person who was well known for both… Abraham Lincoln (honest Abe).

With their industry knowledge and relationships, they set out on a mission to help businesses across the US and Canada more effectively manage their waste and reduce costs.  They found they were absolutely right in that the vast majority of businesses did not realize that they were paying too much for their waste disposal needs.  So, Lincoln began partnering with many businesses to manage waste and recycling, working in their Client’s best interest to ensure they were getting the best service at the best price.

Shared Success

One of the reasons the business grew rapidly was a strategic and very unique “Shared Success Partnership” business model that was derived from the following 3 axioms:

With this “shared success” approach they were able to equally share in the program’s success with their Clients (WIN/WIN).  50% of the savings going to the Client, and 50% going to Lincoln as payment for their ongoing/daily effort in managing waste and recycling and reducing costs.  This model allowed them to truly partner “with” their Clients to better manage waste & recycling and reduce costs… while at the same time there being NO out-of-pocket expense for their Clients (WIN/WIN).

Guaranteed Savings Model

Another reason for Lincoln’s rapid growth was that they decided to pioneer the “Guaranteed Savings” model.  Since they had wholesale-type rates with over 6,000 haulers across the US and Canada, they decided that they would do an analysis of the business’ most recent month’s invoices and provide the Client with a “guaranteed minimum savings” in writing.  They even included the guarantee in their Client Agreement.

This guarantee provided the Client with a minimum savings expectation, as well as the added benefit of realizing the additional savings generated via the Shared Success Partnership.

100% Transparency
Open Book Policy

To make sure there was no room for doubt that they were always working in their Client’s best interests, they decided to implement a very unique “100% Transparency / Open-Book” policy with their Clients.  This allowed the Client to audit Lincoln at any time and see the exact invoice costs they have with haulers, etc.

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