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Trucking & Transportation follow the Green Trend

Waste Optimization is a Critical Factor

Trucking companies around the country are finding reasons to follow the green trend. Whether they're recycling their cardboard by adding recycling dumpsters, filling up with biodiesel fuel, hauling their goods with more aerodynamic trucks and tires, these companies are making an important effort that could not only save them money, but also reduce their carbon footprint. Waste optimization is a critical factor for reducing your carbon footprint and the proper use of waste brokers and trash brokers can help.

Lincoln Waste Solutions works with managed haulers to conduct a complete waste audit to calculate your waste spend. The key to Lincoln Waste's success is in the 10% guaranteed minimum savings we offer to trucking firms and we'll put that in writing. Whatever your waste spend was last year...we guarantee you we will bill you at least ten percent less this year. Many companies are reevaluating their waste management pickups and dumpster placements and dumpster rentals and roll-off usage in order to eliminate unnecessary bottom line overruns that could be costing them and the environment.

Waste Optimization Success Story

The company Kraft, for example, recently cut over fifty percent of their waste pickups by utilizing a waste broker to find the most efficient way to pack a dumpster as well as minimize their waste outsourcing. Kraft, like many other trucking companies, has also utilized numerous roll-offs and smaller dumpsters combined with more timely pickups to minimize the retail waste spend. The transportation industry is the second largest contributor to America's green house gas production and the United States is responsible for 25% of the world's carbon emissions.

There are many options for the transportation industry to save on waste processing costs. Our goal at Lincoln Waste is to reduce and streamline your waste processing requirements through the re-contracting of managed haulers. Our waste audit will take into account your facility size, waste hauler arrangements, amount of rubbish and recyclables as well as other factors which will determine the best approach that should be taken in order to lower your total waste spend and give you ideal trash management.

There are many opportunities to recycle in the road transportation industry. Some opportunities include asphalt paving, cement, concrete, steel, rebar, aluminum, tires, engine oils and lubricants, antifreeze, signs, vehicle batteries, guard rails and packaging and shipping pallets. In addition aluminum cans, glass, paper, plastics (from rest areas and employee eating areas) can be recycled. Some of the cost saving and energy saving solutions we recommend are placing vertical balers in the road transportation industry at rest areas and in employee eating areas to accumulate and prepare aluminum cans, paper, cardboard and plastics for recycling.

We also think commercial stainless steel compactors and compacting dumpsters can be used to accumulate trash at rest areas and employee eating areas. Compacting trash at the source will reduce the number of times the trash is picked up by the waste hauler or trash hauler and therefore reduce the cost, the emissions and fuel use. These are all opportunities to generate some revenue as most everything is repurposable these days so please give Lincoln Waste the opportunity to help you.

Lincoln Waste Solutions will help you establish a system to evaluate waste hauling costs, trash disposal and evaluate materials for recycling. As the evaluation takes place, after the waste audit, goals can be set. We will start the waste audit to identify the types and quantities of recycling materials and in the audit, we will figure the size of containers, dumpsters, roll-offs and equipment needed to collect and store recyclable material.


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