Expanded Expert Resources at NO COST.

Waste & Recycling Expertise

Lincoln provides you with Expert Resources who know the Waste Landscape & Recycling Landscape in all markets across the US & Canada, and who are experts in Regulatory compliance.

There is nothing uniform about the Waste & Recycling landscapes.  The opportunities, resources and regulations can vary greatly from one market to the next.  One type of waste may be accepted at the landfill in one market, but in another market, that same waste going into a dumpster can cause you to be assessed significant fines.

Lincoln’s Waste & Recycling Expertise provides the Resources you need to develop, implement and manage a customized Waste & Recycling program for each of your locations, that maximizes waste stream efficiencies & cost reductions while maintaining Regulatory compliance.

Hauler Management

Lincoln’s Expert Resources provide extremely effective Hauler Management due to having a very close working relationship with each Hauler on a daily basis. We understand how each Hauler manages their business, their strengths, and the most effective way to resolve any issues.

We pride ourselves on sourcing great Hauler Partners and working hard to develop and maintain great working relationships on a daily basis.  And our Hauler Partners know we are serious about our “True Partnership” philosophy, not only because of how focused we are on always doing what is in our Client’s best interests, but also because of how responsive we are to them as Haulers.

Back Office Support

The Expert Back Office Support that Lincoln provides is unmatched and invaluable to our Clients.  Utilizing our highly trained and experienced Waste & Recycling management resources takes the burden off of our Client’s own resources.  This saves our Client’s time and process resources, which can then be more effectively focused on other aspects of their business which may hold a higher value for their company.  And since there is NO out-of-pocket expense for Lincoln’s services, this can be a huge Soft Cost/Personnel Resource saving benefit to multi-location companies whose resources are typically already stretched paper thin.

A few of the Benefits that these Expert Resources provide include:

  • Audit Waste and recycling services at all Client locations.
  • Assemble and track Client data analytics in order to maximize waste and recycling efficiencies and cost reductions at each location.
  • Complete accurate and effective Hauler sourcing and bid processes.
  • Effectively coordinate and manage the implementation of waste and recycling services and programs at each Client location.
  • Work directly with Client locations to resolve any Hauler issues.
  • Audit Hauler invoices each month.
  • Resolve Hauler billing issues
  • Provide accurate consolidated billing and reporting each month.
  • Process payment for all Client Haulers each month.
  • Analyze Client’s data and provide monthly program performance reporting, as well as Waste and Recycling-related Environmental Sustainability reporting.

24/7 Customer Service

Lincoln’s Expert Customer Service Department is based in the United States and consists of Lincoln employees who are available 24/7 to help with any issues.  So, your locations can contact us directly 24/7, instead of contacting you.

Also, you will have a dedicated Lincoln Waste Solutions Account Manager.  They will be the single point of contact for your company.  You will no longer have to contact multiple account managers at multiple haulers, in multiple locations, with multiple pricing on multiple dumpsters.