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Waste Management Audits for Property Management

Waste Management Trends

There is growing pressure on retail businesses to act responsibly and comprehensively manage their waste in a sustainable way. In addition, the practical importance of meeting waste directives and environmental credentials has made most businesses value facilities management services to business. Shopping center waste management trends, include thorough waste management audits, an element of rate control, use of trash brokers and waste brokers as well as the outsourcing of rubbish services. Most previous thoughts on waste minimization through recycling related to municipal buildings, commercial office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, educational buildings and industrial buildings and not nearly enough on retail waste management.

Few companies from other sectors have developed critical success factors (CSFs) for waste management and recycling initiatives, but Lincoln Waste Solutions has. The primary factors that are considered to be of critical importance to the successful implementation of recycling initiatives in retail shopping centers include utilizing retail waste brokers, comprehensive waste audits and the use of both waste brokers and trash brokers. The success of Lincoln Waste is the shared savings which can be determined and validated before a contract is signed...with a guarantee of at least a 10% savings. This ten percent savings will be put in writing.

The relative importance of CSFs associated with shopping centers solid waste recycling initiatives in the United States can only be implemented with a strong retail waste management solution and a waste focus on a waste integration service. By doing so, factoring analysis is used to classify a relatively small number of factor groupings that can be used to represent the relationship among a set waste management initiatives to create a universal environmental focus and create an international environmental alliance with all of the waste brokers. This technique of starting with a waste audit is significant for creating a retail waste management strategy that will benefit both the property manger as well as the environment, and will develop long term solid waste recycling initiatives.


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