We guarantee we'll save you a minimum of 10% over what you spent on waste last year . . . & we'll put that in writing.

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Over 96% of our service calls are resolved within an hour by your own Personal Account Manager!

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Trash Management Customer Service

This will be the last time you worry about Customer Service

On every other web site when you click on the customer service tab it is because you have a problem. Not here, we want you to click on our customer service tab as it will be the last time you ever do it. We have world class customer service. In 2010 our average call to answer time was just over 10 seconds. Our FCR (First Call Resolution) was an outstanding 96.1%.

How frustrating is it when your current hauler misses a pick up only to find out the hauler has not been paid by your broker? We always pay our haulers within 15 days . . . usually in 5. Ask any of our 7,000 haulers who use electronic funds transfer and they will tell you they often get paid within 48 hours. No wonder haulers love us. They pick it up, they do the work, and they should be paid first! We never, EVER commingle your funds. We do not have to rob Peter to pay Paul. You will never have another drop due to lack of payment.

Are you tired of chasing down who you are supposed to call to pick up which dumpster at what time? Maybe the single best thing about our customer service is your account manager. You get one point of contact who takes care of everything. You no longer have to contact multiple account managers at multiple haulers, in multiple locations, with multiple pricing on multiple dumpsters. We know there are no traffic jams along the extra mile so, of course, our account managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And maybe the best part about it? You will always get a LIVE voice. We hate voice machines just as much as you do.


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