Hard Cost Savings

Lincoln Waste Solutions can provide hard cost savings of 10%-30% less than what you are paying for your current waste and recycling services.

Experience have proven over time that is does not matter if you have never had managed or consolidated waste & recycling services before, or if you have negotiated and contracted rates with a National hauler, or even if you are currently working with another Management Firm or a Broker… our industry-best hauler relationships and rates will provide you with a 10%-30% cost reduction.

Soft Cost Savings

Our Back Office resources are invaluable to our Clients.  Utilizing our resources takes the burden off of our Client’s own resources, so that they can be put to more effective use for their core business.  This saves our Client’s time and process resources (also known as Soft Cost Savings).  One of these time and process savers is a consolidated invoice structure where you can receive one bill no matter how many locations are utilizing our waste management services. Soft Cost Savings also includes your Lincoln Waste Solutions Account Manager.  They will be the single point of contact for your company.  You will no longer have to contact multiple account managers at multiple haulers, in multiple locations, with multiple pricing on multiple dumpsters.  Your locations can contact us directly 24/7, instead of contacting you.

  • Invoices audited monthly.
  • Deal with Haulers directly on inappropriate charges / billing.
  • Pay each Hauler monthly.
  • Provide consolidated billing / invoicing (1 check).
  • Provide monthly Cost Savings reporting.
  • Provide Environmental Sustainability reporting.
  • Deal with Haulers directly to resolve any Service issues.
  • Provide 24/7 Customer service to all locations.

Cost Avoidance

With our “True Partnership” approach, Lincoln Waste Solutions is always looking out for our Client’s Best Interests.  We utilize our Industry Expertise, Back Office Resources, Buying Volume and industry-best Hauler relationships to not only negotiate industry-best Rates and provide Soft Cost savings, but also Avoid Cost. Costs we help you avoid include:

  • Hauler over-charges.
  • Inappropriate Hauler service charges.
  • Hauler Fees.
  • Hauler Surcharges.
  • Hauler Price increases.
  • Auto-renewal of existing Hauler contracts.

Zero Cost Solution

With Lincoln Waste Solutions, you receive a true zero cost solution. There are no out-of-pocket expenses, both parties WIN with every single success (Shared Success).

Lincoln provides you the ability to SAVE money while getting the expertise and expanded resources to better manage Waste and Recycling.

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