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Effective Optimization for Auto Parts Businesses

Green Supply Chain for Auto Parts Stores

Lincoln Waste Solutions knows that a totally green supply chain would bring a paradigm shift in supply chain management, particularly in the auto parts business. The more recycling and efficient waste management that takes place the more we are expecting to see higher levels of horizontal integration among suppliers, manufacturers and logistics service providers. The key is effective waste optimization particularly the use of waste brokers and trash brokers, after a thorough waste audit, to control the waste spend and allow competitive waste haulers to lower overhead especially on roll-offs and dumpsters.

Through our established shared savings approach, Lincoln Waste offers solutions that reduce the financial and environmental costs associated with your waste product. We do the waste audit that creates efficiencies in the collection, transportation and disposition of waste product, which generates new revenue through recycling and diverting waste from traditional channels while protecting and building your brand equity with better environmental compliance and reporting. Unlike any other vendor in the market, we will share 100% of the savings with you...and we will give you a portal so you can look at all of the hauler invoices. Industry leading experts, new technologies, advanced measurement and reporting and over 2500 third party specialized service providers networked through a national control center allow Lincoln Waste to uniquely provide optimized waste management solutions.

Recycling can never be a bad thing; whether for the betterment of the environment or simply just for making money, and Lincoln knows that recycling your old auto parts is always and will always be a great idea. Many methods exist for recycling auto parts but it is important to know that none of them involve illegal dumping. Illegal dumping includes leaving the parts in secluded areas to rot or leaving them in the rubbish pile with the expectation that the government solid waste management will collect them. Since auto parts have ownership (demonstrated with the title of ownership of the vehicle they were once attached to) then your local garbage collector is not allowed to remove them as waste but we can take care of you.

The auto part retailers adhering to green standards include, CARQUEST, AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, General Parts, O'Reilly Automotive, CSK Auto, Genuine Parts, Pep Boys, Fisher Auto Parts, Uni-Select, Acme Auto Parts, Replacement Parts, Inc., Parts Depot, BWP Distributors, Strauss Discount Auto, Auto-Wares, The Alliance, Hahn Automotive, Automotive Parts Warehouse, KOI Warehouse, The Merrill Co., Arnold Motor Supply, Brooks Auto Parts, NAPA, SAE Warehouse, Pronto, and Federated.

In the end, as with any change to structure, the main component of making waste reduction work is staff and customer involvement, as well as a partnership between you and Lincoln Waste. Implementing new products and programs without integrating a comprehensive training program, precluded by a waste audit, will result in failure. Most employees are excited to implement sustainable practices at the work, especially when they feel they are doing the next right thing in terms of helping the planet. . Properly training them on the Lincoln Waste Solutions system will ensure that your new sustainability programs are accepted and successful.


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